Since 1968, the Bay Ridge Festival of the Arts (known back then as The Union Church Art Show) has been a cultural force in the local community as well as a supporter of arts in our schools and of students who strive to make meaningful creativity one of their lifelong goals. Every spring for one week, the Festival showcases works by local painters, craftspersons and musicians as it has done for over thirty years, bringing art awareness and enjoyment to the public, free of charge. Almost a quarter of a million dollars in scholarship money has been raised in that time, with grants bestowed to local high school students for their college careers focusing on the arts. This is the most important mission of the Festival, but certainly, not the only one.

Raising public awareness of the beauty of art is one of the other priorities of the Festival, using the Parish House of the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd to its fullest extent as an exhibition space, theater and display stage, bringing the works of dozens of talented individuals to the forefront where they can be enjoyed by the largest number of people possible. Music, crafts, paintings and sculpture are all represented at the Festival, for everyone, young and old to enjoy.

With the continued support of our artists, members, patrons and visitors, the Bay Ridge Festival of the Arts will continue to grow, to nourish, to educate and most of all, to help everyone enjoy the best the local arts community has to offer—and will have to offer for decades to come.